Risky Business - Jane Sullivan
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Risky Business

By Jane Sullivan

  • Release Date: 2014-02-15
  • Genre: Contemporary


After a hot—and very rare—one-night stand, Rachel Westover knows her life's never going to be the same. For one, she tells everyone at work she's happily married to that sexy fling, Jack Kellerman, to get a promotion. She's never going to see him again, so it's not as if her little white lie is hurting anyone! Of course, she didn't count on her imaginary husband suddenly showing up at her office.…

Jack had been wondering what happened to the gorgeous creature who slipped away from him six months ago. He's always wanted to see her again and find out why. When he finds out everyone thinks they're married, and he's asked to go on Rachel's annual company retreat, Jack can't say no. Spend four days in a secluded cabin with a gorgeous woman? Life doesn't get any better… or any more complicated!

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